Reaching the World With the Word

Reaching the World With the Word

Discover the transformative power of dreams and faith with Dr. John L. Jacobs’ inspiring book, From The Dream To The Promise.

Dr. John L. Jacobs. III

From The Dream To The Promise

From The Dream To The Promise is a book that will inspire you to pursue your dreams with faith and perseverance. Based on biblical stories of the children of Israel in Egypt, Joseph and Moses, the book shows how God can use our dreams to reveal His plan and purpose for our lives. It also teaches how to overcome the challenges and obstacles that may come along the way, such as the pit, the wilderness, and the enemies. The book will encourage you to trust in God’s timing and provision, to be grateful for what you have, and to use your resources wisely. Whether you are in a season of waiting, wandering, or working towards your promise, this book will help you grow spiritually and practically.



Dreams, Faith, Obstacles, Transformation, Purpose


Children of Israel, Joseph, Moses

About the Author

Dr. John L. Jacobs, III: Inspiring lives through faith, service, and transformative storytelling. Experience the power of dreams and the resilience of the human spirit. Discover a journey of hope, purpose, and unwavering belief in overcoming obstacles.

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