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Deep Analysis of Faith, Dream and Fulfilling Promises.

Everyone has dreams; they begin in the depths of the heart, sharpening our memory and igniting our passions. We must guard our goals against evil, fulfil God’s commands, and constantly concentrate on them to protect ourselves from God’s wrath. Dr. John L. Jacobs, III “From the Dream to the Promise” is a must-read for everyone to clarify the concept and find purpose in life.

Dreams are one of the ways that we connect to God’s voice. God speaks to us and directs us where we can go now. We must develop so that God will adore us. We should keep in mind that every time God gives us a dream that has some purpose and God also takes some work from their pious men, we should have enough faith in it that everything that is happening in the world is by the command of God, and we need to find a purposeful life and live the life by simply following the power of God. We have a meaning our whole life and the desired destination, where we can go, and which path is best for us under the guidance of God.

Dr. John L. Jacobs, III discusses trust and believing God has plans for everyone. No matter how long it takes, we have to keep our hope. We always thank God and do what he tells us to do because God is loving. When going through hard times, you must be even more grateful to believe in God because he helps and tells you how to go.

The Dream point you toward the promise; you grab the opportunities and focus on your dream, your dream is your promise from God’s side the path you follow to fulfil your promise is sometimes very difficult, but you have to create the potential that you follow that because its worth for every individual and the other types of promises that God mentioned in the bible we have to fulfil them also and live our life in such a way that god loves our personality and consider us pious men. As we also find a deep analysis of the Israelis and how they captured the wall that God showed in their dream and they promised to fulfil. Every step you take in life, have some courage and faith and believe that God is with us in every scenario that you face in your life, and you fulfil the promises that God wants; you have to do that thing with keen focus and waiting for the rewards that God promise. You face many conflicts in this journey and struggle to achieve or fulfil your promise. Only as far as your faith and mind will let you go. Various people may have various dreams. Others may feel a load on their hearts, while others may still see a vision while sleeping at night. Still more may see a connection between events that will take them down a particular path, but for a more in-depth examination, you should read “From Dream to Promise” by Dr. John L. Jacobs, III. You can find this masterpiece on Amazon.

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