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Dreams to Promise – Embracing God’s Plans and Overcoming Desperation

Dr. John L. Jacobs III describes the major events in his book “From Dreams to Promise” about the plans of God and human behavior according to him, how we obey God’s commands and at times delay our blessings that come from God. No perfect men exist; only God’s plans are ideal for his creation. We only have to do what God mentioned and wants us to do in our lives with a pure heart. It’s even possible that God will use our shortcomings to bring glory to Him and show us how we might please him by obeying his directives.

To answer the question of how we can recognize God’s blessings, we should remember that he has given us many senses with which to do so, including the importance of hearing, the purpose of smell, the sense of taste, and the sense of sight. The fact is that God has endowed each of us with unique abilities, skills, and resources that we are to use for the sake of His name. When we prioritize God and his purpose, he meets our requirements. The chance to put our skills and knowledge to good use is always there; we must recognize these possibilities. The time we spend believing that God will intervene in our lives is the time He spends waiting for us to make the most of the resources He has already provided. But if we want more of His blessings, we must work with what we have. God looks favorably at those who are good stewards of the resources they have.

When we speak of having faith, we refer to a trust in God that is strong enough to allow us to persevere in the face of uncertainty or challenge. This requires going on and acting on the idea that everything will work out, even though we do not know how things will turn out or do not have all the knowledge we need. The power and determination to go on toward our objectives are gifts that come to us due to our faith in God.

Many individuals let their excuses and procrastination get in the way of accomplishing their objectives and reaching their full potential. Those who lack self-assurance or struggle with thoughts of inadequacy may find it challenging to take the actions required to achieve their goals. But just as God has answered everyone else’s prayers, He will answer ours. God’s power and ability to work miracles are beyond our understanding, and He often uses disasters to demonstrate His omnipotence and majesty. Despite how challenging it may be, we must never forget that the outcomes of our lives are ultimately beyond our control and that God is in charge and has a plan for each of us. Perseverance over adversity is made possible through faith in God’s omnipotence and omnipresence. God’s provision of hope and freedom is shown in many ways, even in the darkest circumstances. When there seems to be no way out, God makes one, either by himself or with the help of others. In no way does this indicate we can relax and wait for God to make things right. Because we are human, we possess free will and must take responsibility for our deeds. However, if we have confidence in God, we may take solace in knowing He is always there for us, no matter what storms life throws our way.

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