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Unlocking Your Purpose Overcoming Obstacles and Finding Your Promise


In the journey of life, it’s common to experience moments of uncertainty, doubt, and disappointment. We may lose sight of our dreams and feel disconnected from our purpose. However, within each of us lies a divine plan waiting to be nurtured and fulfilled. It is during these challenging times that our faith and trust in God become crucial. By focusing on His plans for our future and leaving behind the burdens of the past, we can embrace the promise He has in store for us. In his inspiring book, “From the Dream to the Promise,” Dr. John L. Jacobs, III guides us through the process of unlocking our purpose and overcoming obstacles.

Embracing Transformation:

God calls us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality, and with God’s guidance, we can break free from limiting patterns and achieve the extraordinary. As we surrender our minds to His purpose, we unlock the limitless potential within us. Although the journey may be filled with struggles and pain, we can face any situation with unwavering faith, confidence, and victory.

Seeking God’s Plan:

Each of us has a unique purpose designed by God. By seeking Him earnestly and asking for His guidance, we can uncover His specific plan for our lives. Driven by His mercy, love, and kindness, we can overcome even the most formidable obstacles and fulfill our true purpose.

The Legacy of Loss:

The death of a loved one can be devastating, leaving us feeling lost and abandoned. In the case of Joseph and the children of Israel, the loss of their leader could have paralyzed them. However, they understood that their purpose didn’t end with their leader; it resided within each one of them. Similarly, we can use the loss we experience as motivation to carry on the legacy that was birthed before us.

Dealing with Opposition:

Often, people fear what they don’t understand. Just as the Egyptians feared the rapid growth of the children of Israel, we may face opposition from those who don’t take the time to know us. However, we mustn’t allow the words and actions of others to discourage us. Instead, we can use their negativity as fuel to grow closer to God and become better individuals.

The Power of Pharaohs:

Pharaoh, a symbol of oppression and abuse of power, sought to enslave and mistreat the children of Israel. Despite his harshness, God never deserted His people. Through Pharaoh’s dominion, the children of Israel endured immense hardships, yet God’s presence and love were constant. We too may encounter pharaoh-like figures in our lives—those who abuse power and show contempt. But with God by our side, we need not fear. He is almighty, unshaken by any force, and will never abandon us.

Triumph over Tribulations:

Throughout history, countless individuals have overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges through their faith in God. We too may face financial troubles, health concerns, or relationship issues, but with God’s assistance, we can thrive. By turning to Him, depending on His support, and following His direction, we can emerge victorious even in the darkest of times.

God’s Guidance:

God uses challenging people and circumstances to test and push us out of our comfort zones. He understands that growth occurs through adversity. As we trust in His plan, even when everything seems wrong, we realize that He is in control. His divine intervention can swiftly change a situation that appears hopeless.

Open Doors:

God works through individuals and situations to open doors and direct us toward our purpose. Sometimes, impromptu encounters or new opportunities may be His way of guiding us forward. By remaining open-minded and aware, we can recognize the signs and embrace the path that leads us closer to our destiny.

Staying Strong:

In the face of hardships, we must remember that God is always with us. We may be physically or mentally imprisoned, but through Him, we can break free. Our minds are powerful tools that can accomplish what we believe is possible. By nurturing our faith, relying on God’s strength, and persevering, we can transcend the limitations that hold us back.


As we embark on the journey of discovering our purpose, we must trust in God’s divine plan. Even when faced with obstacles and opposition, we can overcome through our unwavering faith. God’s guidance, compassion, and love will never fail us. Let us unlock our true potential, rise above our circumstances, and embrace the promise He has for each one of us. In his empowering book, “From the Dream to the Promise,” Dr. John L. Jacobs, III reminds us that our true fulfillment lies in aligning our lives with God’s purpose. With faith as our compass, we can navigate through life’s challenges and embrace the abundant promises that await us.

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